Fixing Bounding Box problems in EPS files

After using any design software to draw a schematic (Visio, Dia, Inkscape), the most common operation to create an EPS to include in a Latex

EPS files are widely used when producing reports and documents with Latex.
When drawing schematic with (Visio, Dia, Inkscape., etc), the most common option to obtain the EPS file is printing to any PS printer (e.g. Generic PostScript Printer). However, the resulting file is a full page image with the small schematic in one corner. This is due to the incorrect Bounding Box. You can either fix this opening the EPS file with any text editor and fix the values inside it or use a tool to do it for you (the easy way).

In LINUX this can be accomplished by typing in the shell:
cat input.eps | ps2eps > output.eps

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