How to redirect xargs output to individual files

How to batch execute a command to a specific set of files inside a directory and redirect the output of each run to an individual file.

ls *.264 | xargs -t -I{} sh -c "./ldecod.exe -i '{}' -o /dev/null > 'out{}.txt'"

The first ls *.264 will list all .264 files and pipe them to xargs which will execute the ./ldecod.exe replacing '{}' by each element from the ls *.264


aliengod said...

thank you for your help! Needed it for this:
virsh list | grep -v Name | grep -v "\-\-\-" | cut -c8-20 | sed 's/ //g' | xargs -t -I{} sh -c "virsh dumpxml '{}' > '{}.xml'"

aliengod said...
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